About life cheerleaders, avengers and how Fearless is a book for everyone..

In Fearless, I wrote, “…a unique network of life cheerleaders–people who love me, support me and genuinely wish me the very best. [..] Life cheerleaders do not (necessarily) need to be close friends or part of our intimate support system. Life cheerleaders are just people who radiate positivity and well wishes towards us every time we cross their minds.”

This post is dedicated to three of my favorite nerds and life cheerleaders. Dani, Jere, and Marco love Star Wars to death just like me; they are sassy and cannot talk without swearing. They are also engineers and three of the brightest men I know. Unapologetic, genuine, and witty as they come and definitely NOT politically correct. NOT. AT. ALL–which I admire and love about them. I think they also want to be avengers and try to save Honduras and then the world.

They were one of the firsts to support Fearless. They invited me to their podcast, and we talked about Harry Potter and fears and the fact that I haven’t seen them for almost ten years. Yes! I haven’t seen two of them in a long time, and they didn’t hesitate for a second to support me and my book. This type of support, the one that does not consider closeness, time, or geographical location–is what life cheerleading is about.

El podcast esta disponible en español.

A couple of weeks ago, they also did a review of the book, and it made me happy and teary to hear them share about how Fearless inspired them or made them reflect. It validated something I already knew, Fearless is universal, because of the question “what would I do if I weren’t afraid?” That question will get a reaction all the time–no matter who we are, where we come from, our background, gender, preferences. That question is the bridge.

El podcast esta disponible en español. El review de Fearless es a partir del minuto 45:00

Thank you, Dani, Jere, and Marco, for your words and support. I hope you get to be wizards or avengers in your next life or even better get to be Dr. Strange, a wizard-avenger. Your life cheerleader, M.

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