Todo está bien.

Ayer termine de leer un libro. Me gusto mucho, lo disfrute, y lo mejor de todo es que me dejo una reflexión profunda. En el libro, la autora describe un abrazo entre la pareja protagonista. Durante el abrazo, la protagonista tiene este pensamiento: “Siempre decimos “Todo va a salir bien”; y, aunque es una fraseContinue reading “Todo está bien.”

Em’s Extras: Thank you Maya

Dear All, thank you for being here. I am deeply sorry I have been so inconsistent with the blog lately, in the words of Dr. Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” This quote describes my exact feelings for the past weeks. In between many scribbles, half-done poems, andContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Thank you Maya”

About life cheerleaders, avengers and how Fearless is a book for everyone..

In Fearless, I wrote, “…a unique network of life cheerleaders–people who love me, support me and genuinely wish me the very best. [..] Life cheerleaders do not (necessarily) need to be close friends or part of our intimate support system. Life cheerleaders are just people who radiate positivity and well wishes towards us every timeContinue reading “About life cheerleaders, avengers and how Fearless is a book for everyone..”

Books, (Audio)books and (NO)books

A couple of weeks ago, a lovely lady asked me if I preferred printed or digital books. That was an easy answer. I am still an old soul utterly enamored with the feeling of holding a book in my hands or the sight of them on shelves and nightstands. I told her that the bestContinue reading “Books, (Audio)books and (NO)books”

Ideas about Ideas

Below is a short essay I wrote around 2016. It perfectly describes how I have felt these past few weeks. Ideas about ideas “A wise friend recently told me that whenever I felt my mind too crowded with ideas or thoughts, I should just write the ideas down. This advice got me thinking about dealingContinue reading “Ideas about Ideas”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part VI

Dear readers, thank you for sticking around during this self-indulging series about my publishing journey. I would like to imagine that at least one person reading these posts, has dusted their manuscript or even started one. And that same person now feels hopeful about the fact that there is a reachable option for their book. Continue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part VI”