One year reflections

On August 23rd, 2019, I wrote one of my first blog posts. It was called The Day after my Last, and it recounted how I was feeling after my last day in the company where I worked for eight years. Yes, it has been a year already! And it has gone very different than what I or everyone expected.

This year on January 2nd, I shared part of my 2020 goals; in the center of the blog photo, the words, “Publish my Book,” stood out. Many of my goals for this year haven’t happened and probably will not occur. 2020 so far, has been a year that demanded everyone take a collective pause, a collective breath to regroup and reinvent, and then reinvent some more.

Most days, I feel grounded and grateful. These days, I feel like the wealthiest woman on Earth because my entire family is healthy. Other days feeling grateful requires a lot of effort, and disappointment lurks in for the if’s, the canceled trips, plans, and the “should have.”

Reflecting back, the words that stood out–the goal the stood out this year, did happen, and I am respectfully celebrating the achievement while consciously being aware of everything that is happening.

Today I feel grounded and grateful. I am grateful for the fact that my book is out there in the world. I am thankful for the support system that helped me when the path became unclear. And grateful for you, my life cheerleaders spread across so many places.

It’s been a year since I decided to walk this path. Thank you for being here and walking along with me. And as one of my friend says: “Dreams continue even in chaos.” Let’s not ever forget that!

One thought on “One year reflections

  1. You should also feel very proud Marcela. Amazing achievement especially given what is happening around us in the world. Keep on dreaming !


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