Everything we do must have an intention

Everything we do must have an intention. This last sentence is not just a quote, but one of my firmest beliefs. Take Fearless (my first book), for example, every single part of Fearless has a purpose, an intention.

Have you heard about the term–easter eggs? Easter eggs are the “secret” references a musician or artist includes in their songs or art for people to figure them out. It references easter eggs, as they are hidden, and people need to “hunt” or find them within a song or a piece of writing or art.

I like the “easter eggs” concept. I find it kind of fun. But for me, it is much simpler (and profound) than that. For me, it is about the thought process behind choosing every word, every part of something. In other words, having an intention for each thing, even the little things.

Using my two last names in the book cover had an intention—the dots gracing the book cover and those dots’ color. The fact that I only mentioned three people by name in the book, the quotes I chose, the books I decided to mention, the nods and references I give to specific friends, people, and places. Every single one of those things was not a coincidence but a conscious, well-thought decision.

With that being said, I have some news. I am currently working on two separate projects–in Spanish. And because I firmly believe in intentions, purpose, and the statement: “To become a writer, one must write,” as per October 1st, I will start transitioning this blog to Spanish. I say transition because the blog will always have some English content. Most of the books and podcasts I listen to are in English; however, the blog posts will be mostly, Spanish.

To become a writer in Spanish, I must write in Spanish. I must practice. And to me, it feels like I need to reconnect somehow, with the language by experimenting and enriching my vocabulary.

I also debated how to do this “transition.” After too much thought, I found myself choosing honesty and authenticity while feeling guilty at the same for overthinking this so much. Intention matters, purpose matters, our why’s matter. This is the sentence that I wish sticks with you if you choose to unfollow and I totally understand if you do : )

Lastly, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of you that started following this blog since day 1.

To say thank you dearly, I am gifting you a free digital version (e-book)of Fearless.

Go to this website: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/fearlessmarcelafrancorivera or click the image to your right. Use the coupon THANKYOU at checkout. It will mark $0.00.

PS: I know that many of you have already read or purchase Fearless. If so–feel free to share this code with one friend that inspires you.

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