About gratitude, tough days and a little escape…

These past few days have been tough, I keep thinking that right this second I should be in Honduras enjoying time with my family and with the book events at full-speed. I allow myself to think about that and even dwell a little. Still, I consciously make an effort to summoned gratitude feelings. Because peopleContinue reading “About gratitude, tough days and a little escape…”

Em’s Extras: Extra-Gratitude Edition

I always, always read a book’s Acknowledgments. I don’t remember exactly when I started to pay attention to them, but it has been a long time. I really enjoy reading the kind and marvelous phrases an author uses to thank or praise their support system, their loved ones, their life cheerleaders. Acknowledgments fascinate me. TheyContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Extra-Gratitude Edition”

Winter in Copenhagen is giving me the flow…

Yes, you read that right. Not the flu, the flow. Winter in Copenhagen has what one would call a bad reputation, but so far, it is treating me well. It is treating my book well. Writing has been flowing in the past few days.It feels as if I am finally writing at a steady pace.WordsContinue reading “Winter in Copenhagen is giving me the flow…”

About Life Theories & Cheerleaders

My life theory is the following: wherever we go, let us invest in love, kindness, gratitude and attention towards people. Why? Simply put, it is a true investment that brings the most special returns. One of the forms of return is a unique network of life cheerleaders; people that love us, support us and genuinelyContinue reading “About Life Theories & Cheerleaders”