Thank you, January

I share the feeling with what seems to be the whole world. January indeed felt like it had 57 days. However, for me, this was actually a good thing! If you read my post about winter in Copenhagen, you already know that after the holidays, I was cruising a writing flow. January felt eternal, butContinue reading “Thank you, January”

Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3

I woke up extra early on December 30th and wrote down in a fresh new notebook, my 2020 goals. For the past 5 years, I have listed my goals into these categories: 1) Mental and Spiritual Health, 2) Physical Health, 3) Family 4) Work & Career, 5) Books & Travel. Even though I absolutely loveContinue reading “Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3”

Keep Calm and Write On! (Part 1/3)

You could say November and December were wordless months; I know I definitely feel this way. As per my last post, the three weeks I spent in Honduras with my family were blissful. Family time is always a gift. I haven’t written much, but much has happened in the past four weeks. To begin with,Continue reading “Keep Calm and Write On! (Part 1/3)”

About the rush, whirlwinds and taking a “writer’s day”…

This particular post has been circling my mind for the past week and a half. It has been hard to organize my thoughts and put these reflections in writing. Every time I work on a post, I try my best to tell a story. My preferred tone is the one that sounds like if weContinue reading “About the rush, whirlwinds and taking a “writer’s day”…”

Who is this wannabe writer?

From corporate logistics to blogging and writing! Hola! My name is Marcela and this is figuratively and literally my leap of faith. After 8 years of working in corporate logistics, I placed my resignation and decided it was time to pour my energies, heart and focus towards achieving one of my ultimate dreams: becoming aContinue reading “Who is this wannabe writer?”