Who is this wannabe writer?

From corporate logistics to blogging and writing!

Hola! My name is Marcela and this is figuratively and literally my leap of faith. After 8 years of working in corporate logistics, I placed my resignation and decided it was time to pour my energies, heart and focus towards achieving one of my ultimate dreams: becoming a published writer.

Last year I started an Instagram page: @emandtheshelf, page is focus on book reviews, poems, thoughts and perspectives.

This blog is the transition of the Instagram page. Here, I will share the creative process of writing my first book and hopefully getting published.

Have always described myself as a professional learner, when I am not learning something new, I am either reading, writing, traveling, running half marathons or drinking coffee and/or wine.

During the next 52 weeks, Em and the Shelf Headquarters (my apartment really) will be located in the cold but ever lovely Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is an honor that you read me, thanks for cheering my life and my adventures.


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