Thank you, January

I share the feeling with what seems to be the whole world. January indeed felt like it had 57 days. However, for me, this was actually a good thing!

If you read my post about winter in Copenhagen, you already know that after the holidays, I was cruising a writing flow. January felt eternal, but this little eternity helped me much. I finish my manuscript.

Yes, I finish my manuscript! I have been in utter shock for the past week. My brain and heart feel blissfully tired. But it is the type of fatigue you feel after you had a fantastic trip, or after you do an important presentation and made a customer happy. Or, the tiredness that comes after a race where you gave your best. It is the that-was-so-worth-it type of tired.

I am pretty sure this is the reason why I have been so intermittent with the blog and em’s Instagram page. The initial shock has started to slowly transform, and I am feeling incandescently happy.

Sharing more, really soon!


From the first printed manuscript.

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