About opinions and giving your best…(Part II)

Dear readers, FYI. (For your inspiration)

This week I just wanted to share part of the definition of Feminism by American activist Bettina Aptheker. (Below is an excerpt).

“Feminism means that women shall have at least as much to say as men about everything in the arrangement of human affairs, including especially the meaning, purpose, and activities of their own lives.

Feminism means the collective empowerment of women.(…)

(…)women cannot achieve a collective empowerment without economic independence from men, full and gainful and meaningful employment, (and the education and training required for it) and freedom from poverty. Similarly, women’s collective empowerment requires that women have control over their own bodies.(…)

Likewise, women cannot achieve a collective empowerment unless they are free from all forms of violence and sexual coercion. (…)

Feminism is the complicated enterprise of achieving equality between women and men, and among all peoples. Feminism is about the elimination of all forms of hierarchy, and all systems of domination. It is about honoring the preciousness of all life. (…)

For these reasons feminism, as defined here, requires a radical reconstruction of human society.”

Feel free to share in the comment section or via direct email (Contact Tab) any insights you may have.


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