Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3

I woke up extra early on December 30th and wrote down in a fresh new notebook, my 2020 goals. For the past 5 years, I have listed my goals into these categories: 1) Mental and Spiritual Health, 2) Physical Health, 3) Family 4) Work & Career, 5) Books & Travel. Even though I absolutely loveContinue reading “Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3”

Chapters: Life and Written Ones

Copenhagen, Denmark has been our home for three weeks now. We have done a lot, but mostly we have learned a lot. I have learned a lot-about the city, hygge, the dynamics of living here and about myself. Last week I finished the third chapter of my non-fiction book. This book is my main projectContinue reading “Chapters: Life and Written Ones”

About goals, journeys and progress…

It is one of the truest truths that one is always in search of a goal. Goals give us meaning in many ways; goals also define the journeys we choose to travel. With a goals and journeys comes a third element: progress. I have always seen progress as the bridge between the journey and theContinue reading “About goals, journeys and progress…”