Chapters: Life and Written Ones

Copenhagen, Denmark has been our home for three weeks now. We have done a lot, but mostly we have learned a lot. I have learned a lot-about the city, hygge, the dynamics of living here and about myself.

Last week I finished the third chapter of my non-fiction book. This book is my main project for the next 11 months; it is a compilation of ten long essays about fear. Each essay is a chapter, so even though the first-three chapters are still in draft mode, it feels like such as an accomplishment. (!) Last month, I only had the prologue, one chapter half-done and ideas for the other two chapters scattered around my laptop, three notebooks, a Starbucks receipt and conversations with my boyfriend.

Copenhagen has felt as a very powerful new chapter of life, one that requires adjustments not just in perspectives and ways of doing things but in routines. Routine-wise, I feel I am getting closer to nailing not the perfect routine; but an ideal one. One, consistent enough to be results-oriented, but flexible enough to nourish creativity.

As part of that routine; I have defined my October goals:

  • Finish at least one more chapter.
  • Organize 2-3 reading parties. (More to come about this)
  • Post at least 2 blogs per week. (Incl. Em’s Extras, more to come about this too!)
  • Read one book per week and share the review in Em’s IG account. (@emandtheshelf)
  • Start running training plan. (10K Race in December).
  • Organize Edinburgh trip. (30th birthday celebration!)

This week I will start working on the fourth chapter of my book and in the rest of my October goals.

New chapters are always exciting; written ones or life ones. Do you have any new chapters starting soon?

Thank you for reading me,


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