Em’s Extras! October 11th

A dear friend suggested that I should try sharing the topics or things that are catching my attention in a particular week in the form of a newsletter or list. Really liked the idea and have been thinking since, about the best way to do it. Welcome to the first edition of Em’s Extras.

Every Friday, I will be sharing, books, podcasts, Ted Talks, articles and some random stuff that I consider extra-inspiring, extra-interesting, extra-wow, extra-cool, extra-ordinary or just extra-extra.

4 extras this week, take a look!

Melinda Gates: I knew who she was of course; however, until recently I learnt about her powerful vision towards eradicating diseases through her foundation. She has some solid perspectives about contraceptives, world health and taxation. If this catches your eye, suggest watching “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” Season 2, Episode 4 in Netflix. Planning to buy her book: The Moment of Lift.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: in my daily search for inspiration, found this podcast series in Spotify. Interesting short podcasts about various life topics, there are many featuring writers from Malcolm Gladwell to Elizabeth Gilbert to Cheryl Strayed.

Shonda Rhimes’ Ted Talk: this Ted Talk was extra-wow; very inspiring and in your face. It’s from 2016 but still very relevant. https://www.ted.com/talks/shonda_rhimes_my_year_of_saying_yes_to_everything?language=en

Re-reading Harry Potter: not sure if it is because I am turning 30 soon or going to Scotland at the end of October; but to me when it comes to Harry Potter, the answer all the time is: A L W A Y S.

Have an extra-ordinary end of the week,


4 thoughts on “Em’s Extras! October 11th

  1. I had the same realization with Melinda after seeing that interview, and started to follow her in every social platform! Already have the book, it is in my pending list, but my sister started to read it and she only had great things to say about it!

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