Keep Calm and Write On! Part 2/3

It’s not that I insist on mostly using Harry Potter references. Sometimes things are just better explained with the poetic metaphors of J.K Rowling. One of my favorite magical artifacts from the books and movies has always been, the Hogwarts’s Mirror of Erised. This magic mirror shows the user his or her heart’s deepest desire.Continue reading “Keep Calm and Write On! Part 2/3”

Accio Inspiration Part I

Accio is a word from the Harry Potter world. It is used as a charm that summons an object towards the caster. For it to work, the object must be clear in the caster’s mind before trying to summon it. When it comes to inspiration, more often than not, I feel like a caster. IContinue reading “Accio Inspiration Part I”

Em’s Extras! October 11th

A dear friend suggested that I should try sharing the topics or things that are catching my attention in a particular week in the form of a newsletter or list. Really liked the idea and have been thinking since, about the best way to do it. Welcome to the first edition of Em’s Extras. EveryContinue reading “Em’s Extras! October 11th”