Em’s Extras: Thank you Maya

Dear All, thank you for being here. I am deeply sorry I have been so inconsistent with the blog lately, in the words of Dr. Maya Angelou: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” This quote describes my exact feelings for the past weeks. In between many scribbles, half-done poems, andContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Thank you Maya”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part VI

Dear readers, thank you for sticking around during this self-indulging series about my publishing journey. I would like to imagine that at least one person reading these posts, has dusted their manuscript or even started one. And that same person now feels hopeful about the fact that there is a reachable option for their book. Continue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part VI”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part V

While finishing my manuscript, I went into several online rabbit holes trying to research as much as possible about every self-publishing option. During one of those winter afternoons glued to my laptop, and after too many cups of coffee, I found Bookbaby. And so thankful I did! I am writing this blog today, from aContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part V”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part IV

Time to talk about Design! You have already arrived at the best possible version of your book after one, two, or more rounds of edition and revision. After that, you celebrated loudly the fact that your book is ready to be read. Now, it is time to focus on the Cover Design. Learnings and HelpfulContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part IV”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part 3.5

I’m calling this post, part 3.5 instead of 4. Because after one, two, or whatever number of rounds of editing and revision, you decide to do. At the end of the Editing & Revision path, you will arrive at the final version of your book! YES, the final version of YOUR book! And I wantContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part 3.5”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part III

When you finished your manuscript, the next significant milestone is editing. In my experience, informal editing was as crucial as formal editing. Both types of editing can involve correction, organization of ideas, modification of chapters, replacement, deleting, or even rewriting. Be open to ALL of it! I think that informal editing could be two things: self-revisionContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part III”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part II

The first step in the self-publishing journey is, of course, finishing your book!  For that to happen, you don’t necessarily need to quit your job-like I did-but you definitely need time. In my perspective, one of the first questions that you need to answer is, “how can I create time to write?”  Creating time requiresContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part II”

Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part I

I started flirting with the idea of self-publishing late last year. It was around the time when I started thinking about my 2020 goals. I am a dreamer, so of course, I dreamt for a long time about sending my finished manuscript to a publishing house. Having it picked, and experiencing all the different creativeContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part I”

Em’s Extras: Extra-Gratitude Edition

I always, always read a book’s Acknowledgments. I don’t remember exactly when I started to pay attention to them, but it has been a long time. I really enjoy reading the kind and marvelous phrases an author uses to thank or praise their support system, their loved ones, their life cheerleaders. Acknowledgments fascinate me. TheyContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Extra-Gratitude Edition”

Em’s Extras: Coronavirus Edition

Thoughts from an Eternal (and very anxious) Optimist. Yesterday I did one of my infamous self-interventions (many of my friends know about this and find it funny, but I promise you they are real). Basically, a self-intervention is when I called myself to a meeting to have a talk out loud. These meetings usually takeContinue reading “Em’s Extras: Coronavirus Edition”