Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part 3.5

I’m calling this post, part 3.5 instead of 4. Because after one, two, or whatever number of rounds of editing and revision, you decide to do. At the end of the Editing & Revision path, you will arrive at the final version of your book! YES, the final version of YOUR book!

And I want you to take a pause and celebrate. Take it all in. Because you have the final version of your book in your hands. And if it is your first book, you will never experience that feeling again. The feeling of arriving at the best possible version.

Celebrate loudly, because yes, it is not bound as a book–yet, you probably haven’t started to think about the cover or format, but those white pages with words on them, that is YOUR book.

This celebration is essential and deserved. Take the advice from someone that didn’t pause. This is one of those occasions where I should have ignore my doer’s voice and just converse avidly with the dreamer in me.

Instead of taking a pause and celebrate and scream and dance around, I went from a state of shock to action immediately. I don’t want you to miss the bliss that comes when you have ultimately reached a fantastic and much-desired destination.

Click the picture, and it will take you to all the Fearless pre-order and purchase options!

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