Dear Fearless Reader, Thank you in advance.

Dear Fearless Reader,

Thank you. Thank you, because you have chosen to let a piece of my soul in your life. Thank you for wanting to read my book, and thank you for choosing to.

I want to thank your eyes, in advance, because they will be the ones to see the words I have chosen for you. By seeing the words, your eyes will see me. In today’s world, we have SO many things to see, and the fact that you have chosen to see me is priceless.

While writing this, the hair in my arms bristle. They bristle, just by the thought, that just maybe, your arm hairs could bristle too while reading Fearless, because you feel connected and inspired. Because you relate, and now you yearn to reflect.

I also want to thank your hands, the ones that will hold my book. It is quite magical, how by holding those 90 pages, bound together, you will be holding my heart. Even if you are holding it through your phone or tablet, don’t doubt it. It is my heart in your hands. So let me tell you in advance how much I love your hands.

I also want to thank your spine. Because your spine will allow you to tilt your head forward to read. Your spine will flex depending on the position you take to let Fearless in. I imagine you, smiling or closing your eyes. I imagine you reading, first sitting up, and then laying on your back. What do I know? Maybe it’s the other way around.

Last but not least, I want to thank your legs, I am not sure if literally or figuratively. What I know is that I hope that when you finish reading Fearless, you feel inspired to move forward. To move towards your goals. To move away from guilt, to move deeper into forgiveness, and that you start or continue your path towards naked happiness.

So dear reader, I thank your eyes, your arm hairs, your hands, your spine, and your legs in advance. But especially your heart that made you choose this book.


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5 thoughts on “Dear Fearless Reader, Thank you in advance.

  1. Hurray for naked happiness! Congrats again Marcela; may your heart & soul inspire great stories
    Lots of love


  2. Me siento feliz, orgullosa y sobre todo inspirada de verte cumplir uno más de tus sueños FEARLESSLY. Amo recordar nuestras platicas en diferentes momentos de la vida y ver como has llegado hasta aquí. ¡Que se vengan más éxitos mi amiga!


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