Em’s Extras: Self Publishing Series Part V

While finishing my manuscript, I went into several online rabbit holes trying to research as much as possible about every self-publishing option. During one of those winter afternoons glued to my laptop, and after too many cups of coffee, I found Bookbaby. And so thankful I did!

I am writing this blog today, from a happy customer’s perspective–nothing more. I’ll include all the Bookbaby’s links here for you to check them out. They have a lot of resources available, and their customer service team is excellent, so I encourage you to call them if you are interested. 

For the purpose of this series, I believe it is more important for me to share why I chose Bookbaby instead of listing their services. So, here is why I chose them:

  1. After using 99designs for my first book cover, I learn that the interior design of the printed and digital book was as important as the cover. 99designs works by bids, and even though I had a good experience with them, I wanted to try another platform. 
  2. My preference was to outsource all the remaining steps from one or maybe two platforms at the most. This is were Bookbaby caught first my attention since the company is a one-stop-shop for all self-publishing related services. 
  3. Until this step, most of the “Fearless” process was strictly online (edition & design). Even though my editor was great, all communication was through email. So, when I called Bookbaby, and a very professional, wise, and helpful lady answered, it felt nice. 
  4. When I first decided to go through the self-publishing journey, I knew that I wanted to outsource edition and design. I initially thought that I could handle distribution (which in essence is a separate Amazon process). But, after reading a couple of manuals, I started getting extremely anxious. 
  5. Candidly, I didn’t want the transactional parts of the process to steal the joy of this journey. This realization led me to consider one of the self-publishing packages that Bookbaby offers, which includes worldwide distribution. 
  6. I think I spoke 6 times with Bookbaby’s Consultant–Ramona, before deciding on a package deal with them. Every time I spoke with her, I learned something new. This made me add the learning component to my investment. I knew that if I chose Bookbaby, I could learn exponentially about the whole process vs., doing online research by myself. 

In Fearless, I wrote: “Taking charge of my life, to me, means not just having control by choosing a specific decision but the real commitment to the process that will make a choice a reality. And not just a simple reality— the best possible reality within the framework of that decision.”

Choosing Bookbaby was my way of taking charge of the process. Of aiming for the best possible reality for Fearless. Of committing to the process not only financially but backed up by learnings and care. 

Next week I’ll be ending this series with a brief post about my online marketing learnings.

Thank you for reading me and for supporting my journey,

Bookbaby’s Helpful Links:



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