Em’s Extras: Coronavirus Edition

Thoughts from an Eternal (and very anxious) Optimist.

Yesterday I did one of my infamous self-interventions (many of my friends know about this and find it funny, but I promise you they are real). Basically, a self-intervention is when I called myself to a meeting to have a talk out loud. These meetings usually take place in the shower or while having a cup of coffee.

Around 2:00 p.m., after going twice to the supermarket, cleaning our entire apartment, and going into several online rabbit holes about coronavirus, I told myself to stop, to breathe, and to regroup.  

I am an optimist by heart, but when my anxiety kicks in, it creates a fog that distracts me from the positive. On the other hand, I have come to realize that (at least for me), positivity IS one of my greatest tools to keep my anxiety in control. Yesterday I struggled, it was hard to find the positive in this situation. Mainly because I caught myself reading and dissecting every article about the virus from every possible source. So, yesterday, during my self-intervention, this is what I told myself:

  1. This is a not-so-kind-reminder of what immeasurable wealth is all about (our own and our loved one’s health). Yes-it is a shitty reminder-but it is a reminder.
  2. There is a fine line between taking precautions, getting provisions responsibly, and panicking. 
  3. You need to be a responsible adult and be informed, but that does not mean you need to check the news every hour. (And PLEASE stop with the crappy sources!)
  4. If you want to know specific details about what is happening in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, and the US because of your loved ones, stop obsessing, trying to read everything. Instead, call and text them more often (be there for them!). They will tell you anything worth knowing. 
  5. You work from home every day so it shouldn’t be as big of a change. Focus on what you can still do. 
  6. You will actually have more time with your loved ones. 
  7. K I N D N E S S (always) M A T T E R. Everyone has specific worries, fears, and situations. Be kind to yourself and be kind and empathetic towards your loved ones and people in general. 
  8. Remember, this, too, shall pass. 

In the spirit of focusing on things we can still do, have compiled below a list for your inspiration. 

Love, M. 

For your inspiration. Will try to keep adding to the list. : )

Extended breakfasts, coffee breaks, or epic Facetime catch-up calls with your loved one(s).

Free Online Courses: Coursera offers a great variety of free courses. To the right some of my favorites so far.

Extra-Interesting Podcasts: such as Super Soul Conversations.

Learn or Practice a Language: Duolingo. I have been learning Portuguese since the beginning of the year, and I am starting to feel more confident in speaking. Plus, it is entertaining!

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