Big (and happy) News!

I was afraid of sounding selfish, not empathetic, because of the news I wanted to share with all of you. I was fearful of having the worst timing ever in the midst of what we are living as a human community.

Yesterday during the peak of my overthinking, I saw a message popped up on my Instagram. It was from a college friend, one that I have not seen in almost 10 years. She sent me a picture of a quote and the message: “This made me think of you.”

My friend Danna, sent me this quote.

I have written before that sometimes, “realizations can be explosions.” Her gesture-more so than the quote- caused a boom. It made me think that sharing a dream that has come true could never be selfish. It made me realize that sharing and hearing good and happy news helps. These thoughts brought me a much-needed sense of peace, one that comes from an ever bigger realization. We are at our best when we are rooting for each other. And the coronavirus is proving just that, we, humans, are at our best when we root for each other.

So, here are my big news: My book is officially in production! After a few rounds of editing and the initial design cycle, it is on the works! I found a great self-publishing platform called Bookbaby. If all goes well, it will be available on Amazon International, Barnes and Nobles’ website, and other channels during the summer!

During the next few weeks, I am planning to do the title reveal and share more about the editing, design, and other relevant steps!

Let’s allow gratitude to guide our days, during these difficult times and then beyond.

This picture was taken the day I printed my finish manuscript for the first time.

Thank you for reading me, M.

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