“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

(From Harry Potter by J.K Rowling)

Above is one of my favorite quotes of all time. I genuinely believe in the power of words, so I hope my words bring you a little bit of inspiration.

I know that days have been hard and filled with so many emotions. I think it is essential to acknowledge all of the feelings, but equally important is to have a reset mechanism to go back to a state of mental peace. My go-to resets are reading, writing, or running, but my mind has been fighting back.
While doing these three things, my mind takes me very quickly to thoughts about the news. I haven’t stopped doing these activities, but I felt I needed to find one that drives me faster and closer-at least momentarily-towards a state of peace.

My reset for the past week has been learning. I know that my working-from-home situation is different and that I may have more time and flexibility. Or that it may sound a little (or a lot) nerdy. But if you have extra time or are looking to add or replace activities in your schedule, maybe you should give online courses a try. And Coursera is a great place to start!

I have been taking a Yale free course called The Science of Well Being, and I love it. This class became the most popular class in Yale’s history back in 2018. It teaches how to become happier with concrete, fun, and practical examples. It touches upon several topics, including misconceptions about happiness, how to overcome them as well as actions and activities to boost it.

My favorite things about the class are the simple and clear structure, the fact that it is taught entirely by videos and the Professor. Hearing her speak feels like a breath of fresh air while on my desk or couch.

I encourage you to take this course, we all need more happiness these days. But mostly, I encourage you to experiment with your schedule (as much as it allows for it) to find that reset that gives you peace.

Let’s try to replace fear and anxiety with ______________! ( The blank is yours to fill) Let’s reset!

Sending love and health vibes your way,

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