My Quarantine Gift

In one of my previous blog posts (Reset), I shared that one of my coping mechanisms for the quarantine has been learning. The course “The Science of Well Being” has been one of my most reliable quarantine alleys. The course discusses all the misconceptions we have about what truly makes us happy. But most importantly provides concrete actions and habits one can take to feel better and happier.

One of the habits mentioned by the course is Meditation. I have always been curious and drawn to Meditation. I have been trying to practice it for almost 3 years now in connection with my yoga practice, but have never really committed to it. I have always felt like I was not doing it right, and just leave it, and then it try again and so on.

To complete the course, the professor invites the learners to commit for 4 weeks to one of the habits discussed (gratitude, Meditation, sleep, exercise, savoring, amongst others). And I chose that as a gift from me to me, I would commit to meditating for 10-15 minutes daily without judgment-without entertaining right or wrong thoughts.

Today was my 10th day meditating, and it really does feel like a gift. And in celebration, I wrote what Meditation has been for me in the last days.

Meditation is:

A kaleidoscope of breaths.
A nap with my inner eyes open.
Ocean waves singing me a love song.
My grandma and my sister closer to me.
A prayer.
A warm woolen danish-pink quilt caressing my folded legs.
A commitment to myself.
A gift to myself.

I wanted to share with all of you this idea of gifting yourself something during this time. The gift could be an online course or a book you have always wanted to read, decorating a corner for your “me time”, buying a gift card to use later, or opening that bottle of wine you have been saving for a special occasion or even a new habit!

Kindness and gratitude matter-and that includes being kind and grateful to yourself.

Happy Easter Week to everyone that celebrates,

PS: If you are interested in meditation specifically, Headspace has inspiring articles about its benefits and how to begin.

PSS: Click the text “The Science of Well Being” at the beginning of this post, and it will take you directly to Coursera. Remember this courses are free!

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