Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3

I woke up extra early on December 30th and wrote down in a fresh new notebook, my 2020 goals.

For the past 5 years, I have listed my goals into these categories: 1) Mental and Spiritual Health, 2) Physical Health, 3) Family 4) Work & Career, 5) Books & Travel.

Even though I absolutely love making lists and crossing out items that are done, I made some changes this year. Now it looks, like an interconnected bubble, all goals lifting and supporting the BIG goal of this year, which is to publish my book. Work & Career has a specific name now: Em and the Shelf and there is a new category, Inspiration which includes all of the inspirational sources: books, travel, museums, classes, etc.,

The way the goals are phrased also changed.

Let me give you an example, one of my health goals last year was to maintain a weight of XXX pounds. This year, my goal is to focus on getting my core and back muscles stronger, as I have back pains constantly. Instead of focusing on a number on the scale, in 2020, my goal encompasses having 20-25 days a month of healthy eating. To me, this means 3 liters of water daily, vitamins, lots of greens, 1-2 carb portions a day, and no wine.

Here is another example, before I would set my book goals something like: read XX number of books per month or read one book per week for 52 weeks. In 2020, my goal is to take more time in carefully selecting my reading list, review every book I read, and share it via Instagram.

2020 is about focusing on my goals but going deeper into the process. 2020 is about taking control but also taking charge, which I have come to believe is not the same thing.

Taking charge of my life, to me, means not just taking control by choosing a specific goal but, the actual commitment to the process that will make that goal a reality. And not just a simple reality. The best possible reality within the framework of the goal.

In 2020 I will keep calm and write on. I will chase all of my goals. But, most importantly, will commit to the process of making those goals a reality. My commitment will have the strongest intent and a profound will.

Let’s be fearless and chase our goals in 2020!

Words fail to describe how thankful I am of YOU reading me, M.

This is the new format. Let me know if you are interested in more examples of how I have changed the phrasing of my goals.

This post dedicated to another M, a true inspiration of goal chasing and commitment.

3 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3

  1. Le deseo muchos exitos en esta aventura q se llama vida, a la cual se q vendran muchos angeles en el camino q le daran muchas sopresas y seran guia para alcanzar sus sueños q se han convertido en metas. Y espero poder leer su libro mientras tanto leer lo q escribe en su blog q es muy motivacional. LQM


  2. Dear M, i enjoyed reading this and wonderful to see the ‘change/progress’ in the goals. Undoubtedly you will ‘charge’ successfully towards goal fulfilment and it must be destiny that you are pursuing 5 categories times 4…20 goals in 2020. It would call that the ‘writings on the wall’ of a museum-year in the making 🙂 Write on, there is still plenty of space on the shelf ! Un abrazo, also-M.


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