Em’s Extras December 20th

So sorry I haven’t been consistent with the extras, but the good news is that they are back!

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation with Paul Coelho: it is so inspirational to hear Paulo Coelho’s journey not only as a writer but also as a person in search of his personal legend. He talks about how he lives life, honoring all the learnings, concepts, and beliefs that are found in The Alchemist. The interview is divided into two parts, I liked the first one better. Below you can find the Youtube link; you can also find it directly in Spotify.

12 days of Christmas @emandtheshelf Instagram: For the past 7 days, I have been posting a daily review of my favorite books in honor. I will continue to publish one daily until Christmas Eve. If you are working on your Reading List for 2020 or want some extra inspiration for holiday gifts, go to Instagram and take a look!


The Arrogance of Belonging Concept: I first read this concept a couple of years ago in the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of the International Best Seller: Eat, Pray, Love). It refers to the importance of belonging and how it is necessary to live our most fearless and creative life. Recently found below article, it has extracts from the book and other helpful and interesting information.

on the arrogance of belonging and how to always come home to your truest work

Handwritten Christmas Letter and Cards: Can we please bring back handwritten Christmas letters and cards? Please! Watched A Marriage Story in Netflix yesterday, in one of the scenes, the protagonists read long handwritten letters of all the things they love about each other. Even though in the movie, the context of the letters is kind of sad, I thought, “what a great Christmas present for a loved one.” I may write a couple of long letters this holiday season.

Wishing you a wonderful pre-Christmas weekend,


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