Is today a museum day?

I love me some good metaphors. Metaphors in books, music, and everyday lingo always inspire me. Hence, I will use one to describe the past few weeks: Obstacle race with museum days as aid stations.Museum days is a term I started using after reading The Big Five for Life. I know I talk a lotContinue reading “Is today a museum day?”

Letter to a Remarkable Woman

This post is dedicated to all of the remarkable women out there, trying their best. To all of you, who day after day pour your heart and soul to your families, to your friends, to your jobs, and to your dreams. Hope this makes you smile. Dearest, Your strength is extraordinary.Your presence astonishing in soContinue reading “Letter to a Remarkable Woman”

Winter in Copenhagen is giving me the flow…

Yes, you read that right. Not the flu, the flow. Winter in Copenhagen has what one would call a bad reputation, but so far, it is treating me well. It is treating my book well. Writing has been flowing in the past few days.It feels as if I am finally writing at a steady pace.WordsContinue reading “Winter in Copenhagen is giving me the flow…”

Em’s Extras January 3rd, 2020

Sharing 3 extra-interesting things I discovered or re-discovered this first week of the year: Daniel Habif’s Instagram account: This is mainly for my Spanish-speaking readers, @danielhabif has extra interesting and extra inspirational quotes. He is a writer and public speaker with an extraordinary story. Barack Obama’s Reading List: Go to @barackobama on Instagram toContinue reading “Em’s Extras January 3rd, 2020”