Is today a museum day?

I love me some good metaphors. Metaphors in books, music, and everyday lingo always inspire me. Hence, I will use one to describe the past few weeks: Obstacle race with museum days as aid stations.
Museum days is a term I started using after reading The Big Five for Life.

I know I talk a lot about this book, but I really do love it. The book invites us to think, what if every day of our life was cataloged? Every feeling, interaction, and how we spent our time. And what if at the end of our life, our own museum was built? The museum would have a picture of every single day of our lives. Would we be satisfied with what we are seeing? Do we look happy in the photos? Fulfilled? Would we be proud of having visitors to our museum? Do we want them to see what is in there?

I absolutely love this, I usually find myself thinking wow, today was a real museum day or wishing people museum days on their birthdays. I also find myself thinking: “Wow, I wouldn’t like this day to be pictured in my museum.”

The past few weeks have felt like an obstacle course, mainly due to delays with my residency process in Denmark. It has been a long and very tedious process, one that has sucked a lot of our energy. But it made us make the following reflection, also inspired by TBFFL.
We all have highs and lows, what we need to make sure is that our life curve ascends. This means reaching new highs, not just oscillate between the same highs and the same lows.
We all have lows, we are experiencing some lows right now, but it is only because we are reaching out for higher highs.

The two pictures below explain TBFFL life curve better. The first one shows a life curve oscillating between the same two points. The second picture shows ascension; it still has lows but also higher highs

Everyday is a good day to have a museum day. Let’s go and make it happen!


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