About gratitude, tough days and a little escape…

These past few days have been tough, I keep thinking that right this second I should be in Honduras enjoying time with my family and with the book events at full-speed. I allow myself to think about that and even dwell a little. Still, I consciously make an effort to summoned gratitude feelings. Because people are suffering around the world, and I know I’m blessed with my health and my family’s health.

A while ago, I wrote about how I love inspiring quotes and the power of affirmations. If you remember this post: https://emandtheshelf.blog/2020/01/17/ems-extras-january-17th-2020/, back in January I shared with you my daily affirmations. I recently edited my list, I made it more “living in a world with corona” appropriate.

They are still serving as a kind reminder to enjoy the journey (no matter what) and to kick anxiety’s ass. I intentionally did the affirmations cards, just with Copenhagen photos, to purposefully remind myself of how beautiful my current home is.

What we tell ourselves matter! I hope this inspires you, who knows maybe it’s time for you to adjust what you are saying to yourself, as well.

Thank you for reading me, M.

Little Escapes

Commencement Speech by Admiral William H. McRaven

One of the best speeches I have heard, not only because of how it is written but of the way it is delivered.

Free Online Yoga Sessions in English and Spanish

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Pre-Order my first book Fearless

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