Fearless Chapter List

I wanted to share with you today, the chapter list of my upcoming book Fearless. Each chapter is an answer to the question, “What would I do if I were not afraid?” Some chapters are lighter, others are heavier, but everyone one of them is filled with honesty, learnings, personal anecdotes, and reflections. 

I started to write Fearless back in 2017; the essays were written over a span of three years.

Chapter 1: I Would Be the Best Version of Myself

Chapter 2: I Would Forgive Myself

Chapter 3: I Would Continue to Be Relevant

Chapter 4: I Would Take Charge of My Life

Chapter 5: I Would Stop Feeling Guilty

Chapter 6: I Would Embrace My Impact

Chapter 7: I Would Mourn Freely

Chapter 8: I Would Start Saying No

Chapter 9: I Would Live Honoring Naked Happiness

Is there a chapter that instantly caught your attention? Write it in the comments, and I will pick one or two people to send that specific chapter before the release date! (This giveaway is only for Em’s blog community, so there are more chances!)

Click here to pre-order the digital version of Fearlesshttps://emandtheshelf.blog/read-fearless/

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