About Life Theories & Cheerleaders

My life theory is the following: wherever we go, let us invest in love, kindness, gratitude and attention towards people. Why? Simply put, it is a true investment that brings the most special returns.

One of the forms of return is a unique network of life cheerleaders; people that love us, support us and genuinely wish us the very best. Life cheerleaders can be found everywhere and anywhere.

I believe it is similar to the soulmate theory, but I would dare to say, less profound. It is a universal belief that soulmates are scarce; however, this is not the case for life cheerleaders.

Life cheerleaders, do not (necessarily) need to be close friends or part of our intimate support system. Life cheerleaders, are just people that irradiate positivity and well wishes towards us, every time we crossed their minds.

Who are your life cheerleaders? What lives are YOU cheerleading?


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