Em’s Extra-ordinary Weeks November 29th

Hola dear readers, I know I have been wordless for a while. It was definitely not on purpose. I came to San Pedro Sula, Honduras (my hometown) almost two weeks ago. In 7 years, this is the longest time I have stayed in a single visit. I wanted to come to have extended quality with my family, to hug my mom, to grieve my grandpa, and to write from home.

I thought my heart needed to write from San Pedro Sula, but I was wrong. My heart and soul both needed to just be in San Pedro Sula. To enjoy my family’s routine, noise, and sometimes chaos. My heart needed to run around the city, to do errands with my mom, and not be glued to my phone. My heart needed to spend time with my sister and look at old pictures of my grandparents. My heart needed my dad sending me flowers and listening to my brother sing from the shower. My heart needed so many things, things I can only find here.

I am staying ten more days; my plans are just to be. To be present and to really be here for the next ten days.

In that spirit, please find my first official holiday wish list for you.

Wishing you all just two things for this holiday season: Family and Mindfulness.

Be there, but really be there;

Observe your mom’s hands and your dad’s wrinkles.

Take your grandparents’ hands.

Listen to every laugh and pay attention.

Not just hug, embrace.

Savor the wine, savor the coffee, but mostly the company.

Take mental pictures to keep them in your heart and mind.

Talk, make conversation, read, and share.

Eat, stay longer at the table, cook, and share again.

Be there, but really be there.  

Happy (almost) December Eve and thanks for reading me, M.

We had Chris-giving yesterday; since I am flying back to Denmark on the 10th. My mom made the perfect turkey. Thanksgiving became one of my favorite holidays while living in the US.

One thought on “Em’s Extra-ordinary Weeks November 29th

  1. Me encanta tenerte en casa yo se que siempre estas presente en nuestras vidas aun que estés en el otro mundo (jaja), pero los abrazos siempre hacen falta y en este tiempo hemos tenido muchos.


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