Ideas about Ideas

Below is a short essay I wrote around 2016. It perfectly describes how I have felt these past few weeks.

Ideas about ideas

A wise friend recently told me that whenever I felt my mind too crowded with ideas or thoughts, I should just write the ideas down.

This advice got me thinking about dealing with ideas and overall thoughts. The first thought that came to my mind was: Is it right to have too many ideas rambling around my mind, or does this mean creativity or mental multitasking? Or is this just a sign of lack of concentration or prioritization? Is it better to concentrate on only a few? What is too much? What are a few?

Meanwhile, I look for the answers to the above questions, I am following my friend’s advice. Currently, writing down ideas gives me the sense that I am freeing my mind, and that I am consciously granting space for new ideas to come. It also provides a sense of goal, as seeing them on paper has felt like the first acknowledgment that they are there and that they exist. For me, it is also the first step towards materialization.
Writing them down also gives me a sense of protection, as I am keeping them somewhere, not just in my head. They are there, safe in the paper.

I do not know if I want to keep ALL my ideas safe, but what I do know is that some ideas must be kept, they should be protected, accomplished, and implemented. After deselection occurs, those ideas that stick should turn into goals. They should become a reality, and they should translate to change and improvement. The ideas that hold should HAPPEN.

As I just free my mind, I will keep thinking, crowding my mind, and writing all down.”

Writing sometimes can be therapeutic. If you feel like your mind needs decluttering, write a list of your ideas or start a journal this weekend. Even post-its can help to free your mind.

Wishing you a weekend full of inspiring ideas,

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