Books, (Audio)books and (NO)books

A couple of weeks ago, a lovely lady asked me if I preferred printed or digital books. That was an easy answer. I am still an old soul utterly enamored with the feeling of holding a book in my hands or the sight of them on shelves and nightstands. I told her that the best way to answer that questions is for her to ask me another question, “what are my most valuable possessions?” Of course, the answer to that question is my collection of books (safe to say I have more than 500 by now) and my grandma’s pictures.

However, COVID-19 has made us reinvent ourselves in many ways or at least change our habits or create new habits. Recently I have been trying to give e-books and most recently audiobooks a chance. And I must admit, my skepticism has been replaced with excitement and wonder. And with a newfound delight: walks and/or runs with audiobooks instead of music.

I thought about it a lot, and I think it comes to this: I am sure I’ll be in love with printed books all my life, but that does not mean that I can’t enjoy a good e-book or audiobook from time to time. Plus, I’m an ambassador of trying things at least once and learning from the experience.

Yesterday, I finished reading/hearing “The Rural Diaries” by Hilarie Burton Morgan. Fresh, lovely, and inspiring book narrated by the author. For the past two days, I cooked, walked, and run listening to the author recount her life reinvention, family struggles, motherhood, miscarriages, and her farm experiences.
Audible by Amazon is giving a free trial that includes two audiobooks completely free. There are books in Spanish as well!

You should give it a try! The worst thing that could happen is that you enjoy one or two books for free and then decide not to subscribe. (To be honest, I’m still flirting with the idea).The best thing that could happen is finding a new hobby: AUDIOBOOKS–which is better than NO-BOOKS.

Click the image below and it will take you directly to the promotion.

Fearless is the perfect book if you want to try a digital book for the first time.

100 pages of inspirational easy, honest reading. Click the image to buy Fearless today!

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