My Quarantine Gift

In one of my previous blog posts (Reset), I shared that one of my coping mechanisms for the quarantine has been learning. The course “The Science of Well Being” has been one of my most reliable quarantine alleys. The course discusses all the misconceptions we have about what truly makes us happy. But most importantlyContinue reading “My Quarantine Gift”

Book Title Reveal !

Why Fearless? I am extremely passionate about the self-empowerment-especially for women-that comes with overcoming fears. I really-really- wanted to write about this! For the past five years, the question-“what would I do if I weren’t afraid?” has been one of my guiding lights. And I wanted to share my ideas and perspectives about the immeasurableContinue reading “Book Title Reveal !”

What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

I would stop overthinking. I would be present and take it one breath at the time. I would follow my book plan. I would try my very best to inspire you. I would read, write, and exist happily in my home. I would be grateful with every cell in my body. I WOULD SHARE MYContinue reading “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?”

Is today a museum day?

I love me some good metaphors. Metaphors in books, music, and everyday lingo always inspire me. Hence, I will use one to describe the past few weeks: Obstacle race with museum days as aid stations.Museum days is a term I started using after reading The Big Five for Life. I know I talk a lotContinue reading “Is today a museum day?”

Thank you, January

I share the feeling with what seems to be the whole world. January indeed felt like it had 57 days. However, for me, this was actually a good thing! If you read my post about winter in Copenhagen, you already know that after the holidays, I was cruising a writing flow. January felt eternal, butContinue reading “Thank you, January”

About opinions and giving your best… (Part I)

A little over a year ago, while having a girl’s night with my friends, my mind got sidetracked from the actual conversation and had the following realization. “There are some topics within the vast array of universal, essential, and transcendental world issues that demand not just an opinion; but a well-thought, informed, deeply reflected eloquentContinue reading “About opinions and giving your best… (Part I)”

Winter in Copenhagen is giving me the flow…

Yes, you read that right. Not the flu, the flow. Winter in Copenhagen has what one would call a bad reputation, but so far, it is treating me well. It is treating my book well. Writing has been flowing in the past few days.It feels as if I am finally writing at a steady pace.WordsContinue reading “Winter in Copenhagen is giving me the flow…”

Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3

I woke up extra early on December 30th and wrote down in a fresh new notebook, my 2020 goals. For the past 5 years, I have listed my goals into these categories: 1) Mental and Spiritual Health, 2) Physical Health, 3) Family 4) Work & Career, 5) Books & Travel. Even though I absolutely loveContinue reading “Keep Calm and Write On! Part 3/3”